Why a Digital Hygrometer Is Better for Your Cigars

All cigar enthusiasts know that having a hygrometer is crucial. Without this device, storing cigars may be impossible to do without damaging their valued cigars. Cigars dry up when humidity is lower than normal. In contrast, they will soften if there is high humidity. You may not want dry cigars because they lack the original taste and aroma. They are also hard and brittle. As to cigars that are exposed to high humidity, you may find out that they are either attacked by molds or beetles. To ensure that there is ideal humidity in your humidor, you should have a reliable hygrometer.

A hygrometer measures the humidity inside a humidor. There are two kinds of hygrometer. It is either analogue or digital. The digital hygrometer is more modern of the two and is the more preferred option by more cigar aficionados. Check buying guide on best hygrometer for humidor and you will know why. If you have the analogue hygrometer, it will surely not be a difficult decision to shift to the more modern type of hygrometer for the following reasons.

More Accurate Readings

The main reason to install a hygrometer inside a humidor is for you to know the humidity level in the humidor. If a hygrometer is not reliable, there is more chance that your cigars will go to waste. When it comes to accurate readings, digital hygrometers are way better than their analogue counterparts.

Available Temperature Reading

Digital hygrometers also allows you to know the temperature readily in your humidor. Change in temperature should alarm you because it affects the humidity inside the humidor. You should know that if temperature goes up, the humidity will drop, thereby, increasing moisture. And if the temperature goes down, it becomes less humid inside the humidor.

Remote Monitoring

The newest brands of digital hygrometers use apps that allow you to check on your cigars while you are away from home. With the free app, you will be fed with information about your cigars. For sure, you will have more peace of mind knowing that you will be coming home with great-tasting cigars waiting for you.

But digital hygrometers have their disadvantages too. Most brands are more expensive than analogue hygrometers. There may also be issues regarding the battery life and their aesthetic values. But when you think it over why you are buying a hygrometer, there can be no doubt that a digital hygrometer will serve your purpose better.…